During the effort, the consumed oxygen and residual CO2 tests facilitate an exact measurement of VO2 max together with the lactate thresholds.


With a regular blood test we can check whether the organism is improving with the training and dieting plan.


The main goal of a biomechanical analysis applied to cycling is that of improving the posture on the bike so as to seek comfort, performance, injury prevention and aerodynamics.

Some subordinate goals are achieved by real time examination namely: differentiate leg work, symmetry, muscular balance.



knowing the VO2 max means to be aware of the aerobic potential of the athlete. The lactate threshold give us an insight into how much of the aerobic capacity the athlete can use without entering the wearing out zone and losing homeostatic balance.


Physiological and structural analysis of the athlete, visual examination of any structural pathology paying special attention to potential spinal unbalance or pathology (not including footstep analysis).
Analysis of range of work and elasticity of the joints.
The whole process gets potential injuries, unbalances or pathologies under control as a measure of prevention.



Personal Trainer:

Improving sports performance involves three main components:Volume, frequency and intensity. The combination of those variables elements can be measured as training impulse that can improve (training level increased) or worsen (fatigue) performance.

It is one of the factors that remarkably influence performance together with genetic factors and training. The nutrients included in a diet for an athlete seek a threefold goal: provide energy, tissue strengthening and reparation and metabolism regulation. There is not a universal diet; each sport has got specific requirements of nutrition.


Sports psychology deals with mental factors that affect performance and psychological outcomes coming from physical activity.

By means of a set of focusing, motivation and stress control technics we attempt to improve sports skills.

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